D1 Kathmandu (lunch and dinner stay in Kathmandu)

 Nepal – Kathmandu (Kathmandu, altitude: 1300 m, reference . Upon arrival, the reception by the Chinese tour guide to Canadian metropolitan area, lunch. Kathmandu Valley religious culture began in the afternoon tours: Go Kathmandu “Durbar Square” (DURBAR SQUARE, United Nations Human heritage tour takes about one hour), the appearance of the new palace, the Forbidden City Paul 曼多卡 Ha Palace, the palace gate to heroic The famous profile of Mallorca soldier on guard. Visit the ancient temple of fine living woman (KUMARI), the name given to the city of Kathmandu canoe Temple, Taleju Temple, Nepal has witnessed centuries of ups and downs. Then visit the Hindu Temple “Pashupatinath Temple” (Pashupatinath, the United Nations Human heritage tour takes about 40 minutes), and Hindu ascetic photo, good luck can Alarmed Hindu cremation. Last visit Nepal landmark – “Boudhanath” (Boudhananth, the United Nations Human heritage tour takes about 40 minutes). Dinner at a Nepalese restaurant, taste the unique flavor of Nigerian meals and watch dance performances (by about 2 hours). 

D2: Kathmandu, Chitwan (breakfast, lunch, dinner, accommodation Forest Park Chitwan Jungle Resort)

After breakfast, transfer to “Chitwan National Park” (Chitwan, elevation: 150 m, the United Nations Human Natural Heritage), which is the largest in South Asia, Nepal and even national forest park. The journey takes about five hours. After the arrival of the characteristics of the jungle to reach the resort. After lunch, begin to experience the rich jungle activities: Visit tower slave villages, ride an elephant through the jungle, an elephant can sit four people, sitting in the back of an elephant, the largest in South Asia slow in this walk through the forest park, led by the wizard Next, to find Asian white rhino, Bengal tiger, antelope, deer, crocodiles and other rare wildlife. In the evening, the elephant will Xiahe showers, why do not you ride the elephant back to a trunk showers (around 4:00 End jungle activities)! It is full of excitement and joy of the day.

D3: Chitwan (breakfast, lunch, dinner Accommodation ibid)

After breakfast continue colorful jungle adventure: Jungle trekking bird watching, canoeing see crocodiles, visit the elephant parenting park. Events around the jungle at 16:00 ended. Then why not go to the river to watch RAPTI river sunset, sunset, while drinking beer while watching elephants in Nepal returned Nepalis can really feel relaxed life. After dinner, the hotel to the theater to enjoy the rich flavor of the original tower slave family cabaret, join the crowd to dance and enjoy exotic passionate. (Jungle activities to hotel arrangements)

D4: Chitwan     Pokhara (breakfast, lunch, dinner Accommodation Pokhara)

After breakfast ride to the peaceful quiet, scenic town “Boca” (Pokhara, elevation: 800 m). Pokhara known as the Switzerland of South Asia, its lakes and quiet pace of life is very suitable for busy people come to enjoy a quiet holiday. About 5.5 hours after arrival, check in hotel, lunch. Afternoon tour romance, unfathomable, “David Waterfall” (Devi’s Fall, tour takes about half an hour), the beautiful “FEWA” (Fewa Lake, tour takes about one hour), boating on the lake, looked Anna Puer Na Mountain Peaks look like a crown Pokhara around, walk the lake and enjoy the stunning scenery Pokhara lake.

D5: Pokhara – Nuo Danda – Pokhara (Breakfast, Lunch Accommodation ibid)

If the weather is good, the tour guide will wake you up around 4:00, travel to Pokhara mountain “Sarankete” (SARANGKOT) watch beautiful 安纳普尔娜 Snow Sunrise (tour takes about 2 hours), forceful magnificent The “Dhaulagiri” stunning beauty “fishtail peak” … people comfortable hearty! Return to the hotel after completion, breakfast, and then go to Nuo Danda (Naudanda) village in Nepal live here and Gurung ethnic minorities Yury family (as the British sturdy profile Mallorca Corps major manpower output crowd), we will visit several local families to see their daily lives. Nepal, one of the world’s top 10 developed countries do not. But you seem to find that material poverty reduction has not been happy in their lives, they are optimistic, contented, smiling face life. The children in the mountains, a notebook, a pencil can be nice to keep them happy for a long time. And urban life in China compared trophy kids, they have too little, but they always smile so bright, should not we cherish in our lives have you? Access complete return to Pokhara, the next time freely, run the following recommendations: do tours Pokhara beauty: beautiful clear FEWA, rolling 安纳普尔娜 towering snow-capped mountains, mountains intoxicated. Along the “Lake District” (LAKE SIDE) freedom procurement Nepal handicrafts and a variety of outdoor equipment. Choose a style romantic evening lakeside restaurant, with visitors from around the world for dinner.

D6: Pokhara     to Kathmandu     Najia wide special (breakfast, lunch, dinner, accommodation Najia wide special)

After breakfast, bid farewell to Pokhara, drive back to Kathmandu, drive about six hours. Upon arrival plus all CDB 1.5 hours are 30 km to the east plus Newars beautiful village “Najia wide special” (NAGARKOT, altitude: 2000 m). Here in the magnificent snow-capped Himalayan sunrise, sunset and famous, the famous Himalayan viewing platform. Upon arrival check in hotel and enjoy the beautiful scenery. 

D7: Najia wide special     Kathmandu (breakfast, lunch accommodation in Kathmandu)

Diligent, get up early, right here, but snow can not miss the sunrise. After breakfast, you can make another picture and see the beautiful scenery of snow-capped mountains, and then return to Kathmandu. Another way to explore the ancient city Kathmandu valley “Bhaktapur” (also known as Bhaktapur, Bhaktapur, tour takes about one hour), visit Bhaktapur Durbar Square (Bhaktapur Durbar Square, the United Nations Human Heritage): 55 Window Palace ( The Palace of 55 windows), Bart Sarah female temple (Batsala Devi), Virginia Tabora tower (Nyatapola Temple), etc., where the monuments are intact Nepalis calm down. You are free to buy the famous Bard carvings and pottery products, visit the complete return to Kathmandu. The next goal of course is to go to the famous “Tamil” (Thamel) Commercial Street, enjoy shopping friends.Tamil Street is the center of all Canadian tourists from around the world, small hotels, bars, restaurants, shops, paving, bookstores, travel agencies etc. gathered here. Here various commodities dazzling, dizzying, shopping in people’s blood boil.Nepal handicrafts, such as statues, thangkas, blankets, jewelry crafts, paper crafts, painting, profile Lorca saber, wool shawls, South Asian style CD, Nepal style postcard landscape, Nepal characteristics of cotton garments, Nepal wood carving ornaments, pottery, metal products worth buying. Dinner in Tamil Street, you are free to enjoy world cuisine.

D8: Kathmandu

After breakfast, say goodbye to the old and the simplicity of the South Asian land, transfer to the airport for international flight.